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Full service management that makes your investment truly passive.

Anthony Joseph Management turns your real estate investments into a truly passive form of income, so you get the profits with none of the headaches.

Your all-inclusive property management includes:



Ensuring you get the highest return on your investment means renting it for the highest amount possible. We put your home on the MLS as well as Zillow,, Redfin,, Trulia, and many other websites, with professional photography, to make sure you make the most moey.

Move In & Out

House Viewing

Coordinating move-ins and move-outs can be a tedious part of the land lording process. We take care of this entire process for you, including ZZZZZZZZ

Tenant Screening

Contract Review

We screen every single tenant that applies to rent one of your properties by doing a full background check, credit check, and review of their current employment and income. This increases the amount likelihood of receiving 100% on-time payments and reduces issues with tenants.

Rent Collection




Young Businesswomen

We negotiate your lease terms for you to make sure you're benefiting from more than just the dollar amount of rent. Things like built-in rent increases, longer lease terms, cancellation policies, and tenant responsibilities can make a considerable different on any real estate investment.





Person In Safety Gear On Construction Site

We perform move-in and move-out inspections complete with photos and a full report so that we can make sure we hold the tenant responsible for any damages, preventing the cost of those repairs from falling onto you.

Payments & Accounting

Business Meeting


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