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Anthony Joseph Realty

for the agents. 

The only real estate brokerage that pays you per closing on top of your 100% commission.

Insert infographic here about other brokerage fees:

Keller Williams: $18,000 annual fees, plus monthly and transaction fees

RE/MAX: $23,000 annual fees, plus monthly and transaction fees

Century 21: $? annual fees, plus monthly and transaction fees

Coldwell Banker: $? annual fees, plus monthly and transaction fees

EXP Realty: $16,000 annual fees, plus $85 per month and additional transaction fees

Anthony Joseph Realty: 

Only $495 per month, plus you get back $495 for every closing in addition to keeping 100% of your commission

How does it work?



You pay $495 per month

You pay $495 every month, and that's it. No splits out of your commission, no transaction fees, no errors and omission fees, nothing.

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You keep 100% + $495 per closing

We charge a transaction fee to the buyer or seller, just like any other brokerage, of $495. The difference is, with Anthony Joseph, you get to keep that entire $495 from every single closing, on top of keeping 100% of your commission.

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$100/m for every agent you bring in

You get $100, every single month, for every agent that you bring into Anthony Joseph Realty, forever. As long as that agent is still with the brokerage, you get $100 every single month.

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$100/m for every agent they bring in too

You also get $100 every month for every agent that your agents bring in. If you bring in 3 agents, and each of them brings in 3 more agents, you would get $1200 every single month (your 3 agents plus the 9 agents they brought in). That's as deep as it goes though, you don't get paid off of agents that your agents' agents' agents' agents' bring in, this isn't a pyramid scheme. We're just trying to help agents that help us grow the company.


That's all.
It's that simple.

We don't agree with the standard brokerage models that essentially punish you for working harder and doing more business by charging you splits and transaction fees on every deal. At Anthony Joseph, the most you could possibly pay us is $495 per month, but if you close just one transaction each month you will have made back the entire $495, plus kept 100% of your commission. If you bring in 5 agents, you'll be making $500 every month which covers your entire monthly fee, and you still get to take home 100% of your commission plus an additional $495 on top of that for every single closing you have.

What's the catch?

No catch. There are a few things that we require, but nothing crazy. We require that you use a name@anthonyjosephrealty.com email once you join, but that gives you access to all of Google Workspace which is a great platform anyways.

Why so cheap?

We understand that it's not normal for a real estate brokerage to essentially let you keep 100% of your commissions plus give you back more than you're paying each month, and there's going to be skepticism. Here at Anthony Joseph, we also own a mortgage company and a title company. By basically letting agents hang their license with Anthony Joseph Realty for free (or most times even for profit) while keeping 100% of your commissions, we hope that you'll consider using us for your clients mortgage and title needs. While we definitely do not require it, and you are free to recommend any mortgage and title company you choose, we hope you will let us show you that we provide the absolute best customer service and best prices in the industry.

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Joining is quick and easy. Just fill out this basic info and one of our team members will reach out to you within 24 hours to get you up and running and activate your license.